Who are we?

We’re glad you asked.
img_1255Hey, guys! We’re Luke and Brenna, and this is our story. Newly married and dreaming of our own land, we quickly realized real estate prices on the conventional market were out of reach for us. Even if we saved every spare dollar for years, our dream of owning our own land (without mortgaging our life away) was virtually unreachable. But we weren’t ready to give up. We knew there had to be a way to buy land within our budget. We just needed to figure out how. So we did. And that is the short story of how we became raw land real estate investors. Through education, trial-and-error, mistakes, and valuable experience, we’ve learned how to locate and purchase properties affordably. And, because we know what it’s like to long for land of one’s own, we decided to build a company specializing in providing affordable properties to people who shared our vision—people like you. That company for this business is Country Land Group and the name says it all: We find unimproved land in the country and offer it at affordable prices (sometimes with owner financing), all just because we want to see more people fulfilling their dreams of owning and tending their own land. That’s it—the whole story. So, browse our inventory and see if there’s a piece of land that catches your eye. No? Send us a message and tell us what you want—odds are, we can find it for you. Let’s all move to the country, shall we?